Before and After

A Lift

Nouveau Beauty Group - Before and Afters

Carly Kent (Therapist) - 1 Hour Treatment

Balcony Spa

Rachel Staggs (Therapist) - Before and After 6 Treatments

Love Hair Love Beauty Salon - 1 Treatment

Rachel Staggs (Therapist)

Lesley Wilks Enhancing Beauty

Rani Briah

Cathy Hepworth (Therapist)- After 6 Treatments

Sonic Medical Japan

Posted by Sonic Medical Japan

Sonic Medical Japan - Eczema

Sonic Medical Africa - "My smooth friend looking even smoother after his first A-Lift treatment. He says, he can now drive with the roof down, in his convertible Porsche"

Sonic Medical Africa - "Started treating a lady, with years of South African Sun damage, her dermatologist gave her a skin peel cream and it caused further damage to her skin layers.
I gave her a smooth diamond Elite treatment, followed bay the A-Lift and she is so happy with the results of her first treatment.
Will keep you posted"

Sonic Medical Africa - "Gave a treatment to a lady with facial eczema today"

Rebecca Stott (Therapist) - 1 Treatment
Beauty at the Park - 10 Treatments

Rebecca Scott (Therapist) - 1 Treatment

Cathy Hepworth (Therapist)

Posted by Martine Lanoe

Jenny Walsh (Therapist) - 3 Treatments

Rachel Staggs (Therapist)

Rachel Staggs (Therapist)

Rachel Staggs (Therapist)

Cathy Hepworth (Therapist) - 1 Treatment

Kerry Whiley Hawkins (Therapist) - 1 Treatment

The Beauty Lounge

Rachel Staggs (Therapist)
The Beauty Lounge - 1 Treatment

Cathy Hepworth (Therapist) - 7 Treatments

Cathy Hepworth (Therapist) - 2 Treatments

Cathy Hepworth (Therapist) - 6 Treatments

Cathy Hepworth (Therapist) - 2 Treatments

Karen Betts (Nouveau Contour)

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